14 February 2012

பாபாவின் சீடன்

atul sharma                                                                                                            5:16 PM (2 hours ago)

Dear friends,

Please find attached herewith the photographs of Mud- Block- House constructed at Kosurla village 35 k.m. from wardha. Smt. Sindhubai wankar, mentally challenged women, abandoned by her in-laws was staying in the shed with her 13 year old daughter. Two years ago her aged mother died in the same shed.

While training cotton farmers for pest management during kharif season this year we came across the site of her “house” (?). We have been told by the Sarpanch of the village that she could not be given any assistance from Govt. schemes as her name is not in the BPL list. What a pathetic state of affairs of our political system!

We at the polytechnic discussed it with our colleagues and decided to construct a house with Mud- Block-Technique of Center of Science for Villages Dattapur. Shri Sanjay Bhargav, General Secretary, Shiksha Mandal (parent organization) boosted our moral to undertake the activity by donating instantaneously. 
Students of polytechnic in different batches and students of Agriculture College during their N.S.S. camp did the excavation and prepared mud blocks as part of their learning in live situation and services to community.
We started on 2nd of January and handed over the house on 18th January2012 at a function attended by students, HODs, and Principals of Colleges of Shiksha Mandal Wardha besides villagers. 
Involving educational institutions with rural community so that students can learn in live situation while village community is benefited indirectly, This is precisely what I am doing in Wardha.
With warm regards.

அதுல் ஷர்மா. இவன்தான் பாபா ஆம்தே தலைமையில் நடந்த இந்தியாவை இணைத்துக்கட்டு சைக்கிள் பயணத்தின் ஒருங்கமைப்பாளன். சைக்கிள் பயணத்திற்கு வரும் முன்பாகவே சமூக சேவகனாக இருந்தவன். 25 வருடங்களாக அதுவாகவே இருக்கிறான்.

படங்களைப் பெரிதுபடுத்திப் பார்க்கும் யாருக்கேனும் இடையிடையில் சில எண்கள் விடுபட்டிருப்பது தட்டுப்படக்கூடும். அநேகமாக அவற்றில் எங்கேனும் அதுல் ஷர்மாவின் தலை தெரிந்திருக்குமோ என்னவோ. அதனாலேயே அவற்றை அனுப்பாமல் தவிர்த்துவிட்டிருப்பான் என்பது என்பது என் அனுமானம்.

"I don't want to be a great leader; I want to be a man who goes around with a little oil can and when he sees a breakdown, offers his help. To me, the man who does that is greater than any holy man in saffron-colored robes. The mechanic with the oilcan: that is my ideal in life."[2](Self-description given to British journalist Graham Turner)

ரோஸ் மில்க் கதையில் வரும் அதுல் ஷர்மா இவனேதான்.