29 August 2011

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Montessori system a hit among school children
A kid wields a sharp kinfe to chop carrots using Montessori skills . — DC
Four-year-old Niyaz uses a sharp knife in his school.

He carefully cuts carrots into various shapes. He is capable of lifting a glass jug and placing it back after filling water in cups.

His five-year-old friend Monica ties up the knots in the coat with ease. Making chappathi, doing pooja and cleaning the study materials are learning activities for kids like Niyaz and Monica.

Like them over hundreds of students in various Chennai Corpora-tion schools enjoy their classes taught under the Montessori system. The classes are run by a group of women under the banner ‘Sriramcharan trust’.

The women’s group has trained 25 committed teachers who are posted to corporation schools to enrich the self- confidence of children in 20 balwadi and seven Chennai corporation centres.

Six-year-old Grace prefers her school to her home. “I get to play more here than at home,” she says. Grace also learns the basics of maths, English and science subjects just by playing in her colourful class-room.

Teacher Nithya Kalyani said that children would behave well if they were respected. She said, “Many of us love children but fail to respect them. In Montessori system the teacher doesn’t ‘teach’ children but assists them.

The teacher is supposed to observe the children and guide them to pick up their skills.” She said that mothers Girija and Asha have enrolled themselves in Montessori training to become teachers after they were saw the development in their children.

Octogenarian Padmini Gopal, who helps from the backroom of Montessori classes in corporation schools said, “There is a misconception the Montessori system is elitist. But this system is the right tool to break down the class system in our society. Cutting across the rich and poor divide, children mingle and get to understand others’ problems.”

She adds that if the Montessori education is implemented in government schools, children would enjoy learning and grow with confidence.

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